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Microdose Effectively With Our Guide

Follow the Best Method of Microdosing Psilocybin!

Follow these three easy yet efficient strategies for great microdosing as a savvy psilocybin user. With our original method, the JT Protocol, you may avoid erroneous doses and undesirable high tolerance.

Start With a Microdose
Use 125mg Psilocybin

Take one dose on a Monday morning, then on Wednesday, same time, and then Saturday for two months total. Do not take doses in between these days.

Transition to a Low Dose
Use 250mg Psilocybin

For the third month, repeat the greater doses on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings. Take a one-week sabbatical after this month.

Cycle Back to Microdosing
Go Back to 125mg Psilocybin

Return to Step 1 after a one-week vacation without taking any dosages. If you stick to this routine, you will be able to reap the full benefits of psilocybin.

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